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      As the owner / manager of Richard’s Motel Family of Lodging, I invite you to stay in a clean, safe, economical, well located, large but intimate, all surrounding tropical vegetation to mature. Nature in the city, in the middle of everything, within walking distance. Over the years, I took care of myself attach the dedicated services of employees, who accompanied me to design the special place for YOU, demanding travelers in critical thinking. We focus to offer you a comfortable and pleasant stay.

For those who are used to make us visit year after year, you still notice that we have made improvements as the accommodation sector (mainly external appearance) at chapter activities and services provided to the periphery of places. Places are even more convenient and relaxing than before.

For those who are on their first visit, our accommodations as diverse as they are, will prove to be a pleasant surprise. Far from the luxury of the great hotels, the comfort is present as security and service that our renowned.

Existing accommodation as are the rooms, studios, condos, apartments (with one or two bedrooms), fully equipped homes, adds this complex 3 year and 42 additional units. These acquisitions allow the introduction of a new concept in motel, dedicated “pet friendly”. Purely suitable for Snowbirds and their dogs, the motel provides a long visit of one to six months with her pet. It is built on a U-shaped floor will delight dogs and their human friends, both inside and out. Water fountain for humans and dogs (below), earth, fire hydrant, paths and fences, all artistically decorated and adapted to the colors and effigies of pets. Obviously the owners must vouch previously established conditions and Toutou will, too, observe! The concept is intended as innovative as the chosen location. The motel is located at the corner of US1 and Wiley Street, just facing a Spa exclusively for dogs and cats. Caregiving services and grooming are available and there is even talk of a veterinarian mobile service in season (as requested). The occupants of Richard’s Pet Friendly Motel receive a welcome surprise package (A cushion-confo for bed, bowls for water and food, surprises snacks, bags for the needs etc …) – Everything has been planned for the AniMotel. Now besides the word Dog Show (dog racing), will do we invent the word “Snowdog” to accompany the Snowbirds?

In all, the group now has 186 accommodation units spread over 10 resorts of varying sizes, in two contiguous cities. If some of the new units acquired proudly carry the name “Richard” in their name, others remain in different entities as they are intended for “long-term lease”, a division of increasingly popular.

Always striving to make sensational stays of our customers and guests, Richard’s Motel Family of Lodgings Group continues to offer the services of Entertainment and tourism conferences in season. In short, a service battery which approach those given in the all-inclusive without compartmentalization and expulsion of urban inherent … Welcome to our “natural-urban” in 1.5M from the beach.