For your safety and protection, our properties are equipped with the following features:

Double lock.
Surveillance of cameras
Personal available 24 hours a day.
For your personal safety, read:
Don’t admit any unknown person.
Keep your keys in place on.
Never leave children unattended in the room.
Do not leave windows open overnight.
Do not run to the premises especially near the pool.
Security information in general.
There is no keeper at the pool. (See pool rules)
Not available at Richard’s Motel Court Yard


Although the tropical climate and mild weather tend to make us so comfortable that we feel truly “at home”, and despite the assiduity of our staff to ensure the maximum safety of the place, we remain on the main artery that crosses the state of Florida from start to finish. This artery is the focal point of what is considered the largest downtown in the world in terms of expanse (from Key West to West Palm Beach). “The largest city centre in the world” automatically means that we must act cautiously in our travels (mainly at night) as well as in all our daily habits. You have to;

-constantly keep the doors of our accommodation closed and locked, even if we are nearby;

-never leave valuables in public areas (pools, patios, etc.);

-Keep windows closed and locked when absent (mainly when they look outside the inner courtyard);

-use the “top lock” when we are inside and only open the door to people who clearly identify (even if you use the eye of vision in the door for even more security)


To ensure the safety of as many customers as possible, we have also installed safety cabinets in most of our units. We are waiting for additional cabinets to equip each unit with this tool. Their use throughout the stay carries a symbolic fee that has more purpose to be a kind of “moderator ticket” against those for whom the memory (of the code) would be somewhat lacking. We can help you sometimes, but we rely on your cooperation to retain your code (which we should not know). These safety cabinets are used to protect your property, because even if we make the greatest possible efforts to ensure the safety of your belongings, we are not immune to any problems related to our location, personnel, interpretations, etc. Don’t worry, we know how to take responsibility in a timely manner. Please use the safety cabinet to reduce the risk. Act prudently at all times and feel free to share with us, at the main motel office, any doubts as soon as it comes to mind. Don’t take unnecessary risks. Your peace of mind is as important to us as our reputation.

With regard to parking, we monitor as much as possible the spaces with appropriate lighting and the surveillance cameras that have to watch most of the movements. However, in order to avoid any problems, please lock the car doors and leave no valuables in plain sight (not even an empty bag – to avoid temptations). The same goes for all your comings and goings, even if the places as a whole are safe, it appears to control the demonstrations of opulence (cash, valuable jewelry) and to bring us any suspicious person. Our senior staff exercises constant control, knows the routines of the staff and excels at how to detect suspects. Be reassured of our dedication, our pro-activity in the event of a dispute and our concern to protect the reputation of a safe place assigned to us.

Our 24-hour telephone reception: (954) 921-6418

Firefighters, paramedics and police: less than a mile away

Valid in all our accommodations in the state of Florida.