Jump in, get down!

It’s never been easier or more fun to get around Hollywood! Leave your car at home and hop on the free electric shuttle service called “Sun Shuttle” by Circuit. When you’re ready to be picked up, simply use the “Ride Circuit” on-demand app to request pick-up, signal the nearest vehicle driver, or head to a designated shuttle stop in the service area.

See life. See Hollywood on the Sun Shuttle

Discover all the things to see and do in Hollywood. From restaurants and cultural activities in the historic downtown, to a quick drive to a business place, restaurant or hotel along the Federal Highway, to restaurants, shops and beachfront recreation on Hollywood Beach, you’ll understand why Hollywood has been named All-America City and one of the best beaches for families in the United States. See all about the Sun Shuttle!

What is the Sun Shuttle by Circuit?

The Sun Shuttle, operated by Circuit – formerly known as “The Free Ride,” is an environmentally friendly electric public transportation system that transports passengers to service areas in downtown Hollywood, on Hollywood Beach and along the Federal Highway. Customers can get to where they want to go in Hollywood quickly and easily, completely for free.

Where can I go on the Sun Shuttle?

Passengers can hop on and off anywhere in the following service areas:

Take a ride on Sun Shuttle

On-demand enforcement service

Use the free “Ride Circuit” app to alert a fleet driver to pick you up. Runners must be in a service area.
Download the “Ride Circuit” app from the App Store or download it from Google Play www.ridecircuit.com

Sign to a fleet driver

When you’re ready to be picked up, simply wave to the nearest Sun Shuttle fleet operator.

Shuttle stops
The Sun Shuttle also stops at the designated locations below:

Sun Shuttle stops at Hollywood Beach
o “Garfield” parking garage operated by the city at A1A in Connecticut Street
o Johnson Street Mobility Hub at A1A and Johnson Street
o “Nevada” parking garage operated by the city at A1A and Nevada Street
Sun Shuttle Stops in Downtown Hollywood
o “Van Buren” parking garage operated by the city on 20th Avenue and Van Buren Street
o “Radius” parking garage operated by the city on 19th Avenue and Polk Street

How much does a trip on the Sun Shuttle cost?

A walk on the Sun Shuttle by Circuit is free, courtesy of the Hollywood Community Redevelopment Agency and the City of Hollywood.

How many passengers can use the Sun shuttle?
Each Sun Shuttle can accommodate up to 5 passengers. Although there is no minimum number of passengers required, we encourage people to travel together. The shuttles have a special area at the back for your personal belongings, luggage and beach toys.

When can I get a Sun Shuttle?
Schedule of the week: Sunday to Thursday from 10 a.m. to 9 p.m.
Weekend schedule: Friday – Saturday from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m.

Customer service

To contact a Circuit customer service representative:
Call 646.504.3733
Email: info@ridecircuit.com

ADA Accessibility

An ADA accessible shuttle is available on request.